Waltham Forest Mutual Aid is a group of local people who have come together to offer help to people who need it during the pandemic.

To get involved, join our Facebook group or email us at walthamforestmutualaid@gmail.com.

Food for the forest

We’ve raised an amazing amount so far and wanted to thank you for your generosity and belief in people-powered food!

The project with Higham Hill Muslim Community Trust and Al-Khair has ended, and we managed to deliver 8,824 meals across the Borough. Since then, we’ve started delivering prepared meals (around 1000 per week) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in partnership with GMG Gurdwara.

Different wards have taken on different projects, with partnerships with local take-away businesses, move-ins to local kitchens (mostly recently on Monday in Lea Bridge ward- woohoo!), ‘cook for your neighbour’ schemes, and more plans to support pre-existant operations and establish new community kitchen spaces.

We’re now going to start funding (or reimbursing) those initiatives and will be using a transparent platform called ‘Open Collective’ to support all projects working to feed our communities in Waltham Forest.

Please donate and/or share to help Food for the Forest into the future!

This website also contains resources we have created or found that are useful for running your own ward or street-level group.

In particular, the resources provided by Queercare are invaluable.


Practical guides for running your ward or street-level group.


Local organisations and services you can refer people to for specific needs.


Useful resources such as flyers, privacy policies, and more.


Notes on safety

We do not offer medical advice. If you are feeling unwell and are worried, please call the NHS on 111.

We won’t come into your home. If someone says they are from our group and asks to come inside, please say no.

We wont ask to test you for the virus.

We won’t ask you for money or other payment at your door.